Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jesus' and My Birthday

Christmas morning
Christmas afternoon

All my wonderful birthday presents. I can finally get the propane dryer out of the back yard.

27 years old

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... or not

I am not complaining that we had that wonderful warm spell. I just didn't expect to find my children, making mud pies, in the kiddie pool at the end of December.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chirstmas Gifts

I have heard a lot over the last few weeks about what not to get your wife for Christmas. I have to totally disagree with every single one of them.
Two Christmases ago I asked for and received a Dyson vacuum. Something I would never get myself. Last year I was giving stuff to make my garden successful, hoses, lye and the like.
This is the kind of stuff I want for Christmas. I do not wear jewelry except my wedding band. I go nowhere that a journey pendant would be needed to go with my outfit.
I am not saying that jewelry is not a good gift to receive but I think that propagating that is the only thing wives want needs to be addressed. I live on a farm. Money is tight. What are new diamond earrings really going to do for me?
Leave your thoughts on this.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We did it

The chicken in this pot was raised here on the farm. A few weeks ago he got into a fight with a much bigger rooster. He broke his leg. He never heal properly.
This was very emotional for me but a necessity of life. Why is eating a chicken that spent his whole life in a overcrowded chick house is easier for me? I know this chicken lived a good life. But I guess that is the problem I knew this chicken.
We are now a step closer to being self sufficient. Now if only I could grow anything. or sew. or make good bread.or... or... or.. OK so it a long way off. At least we are getting there.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Church.

A dear friend asked me what home church is like. So I thought it would make a great post.

Church starts at 10:00 and is only 5 minutes from my home(and hers). The perfect church distance.
After greeting each other. We get coffee in spill proof cups because the children range in age from 1 to 9 so spilling is a high probability.
We all go into to the living room for worship. The leader's wife is very talented on the guitar and her voice is beautiful. We sing 3 or 4 children's songs then we sing a few adult songs.
Then we have communion. Which consists of prayer, pita and juicy juice. At this point the children have the option to stay and listen or go into the play room.
The leader then gives his talk which lasts until about 11:45, they are topical. Last weekend we learned about being thankful IN the situation. He usually gives a lot of personal examples. You learn a lot about people when they run bible study. At the end we usually spend a few minutes discussing what we just learned.
During the last few minutes you can smell the lunch warming in the oven. We then all go into the kitchen to eat and have fellowship. Luckily for me the other women are great cooks. I have never had a lunch that wasn't delicious. I was in charge of the lasagna last weekend. Everybody ate so it was at least edible.
I normally get home are 1:00 or so. I always come home feeling like I leaned something. I would recomend giving a home church a try. You never know you might really like it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The town of Chaseville was going about their business. Some carolling. Some building snowmen. Some about to ride the ski lift. When out of nowhere came......... Catzilla.
Catzilla was just looking just looking for a nice snow filled placed to take a bath. But in her path of destruction people and tree where knocked over. The statue of the town founder riped off it foundation. (read: figurine from a different set knocked off the empty spool he stands on). The Swat team came quickly with a squirt bottle and scared Catzilla off the edge of the world. But will she or the 4 others of her kind come back............ find out on the next Catzilla.
This episode of Catzilla brought to you by the lovely people at Light'N' The Way academy for girls. A super exclusive school for girls.