Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scrabble Switch-up

The review of Scrabble Switch-up on Amazon is not that wonderful. We only played the real game one time so far and it went fine.
The actual game is not why we love Scrabble, we love Scrabble for a different reason. The board on switch up is a travel board,which is wonderful for children. It can get knocked around by elbows and feet and the letters don't move. We play everybody can see all the letters and if you find a good word you can play it. This is wonderful to help Peace learn how to spell. No tests. No score. Just fun!
I hated spelling test. I remember everyone else had a gold star on the chart and I didn't. That cemented in my head that I was a bad speller. It made all my love of words go right out the window. I want my children to see words as interesting not a reason to cry every week. Of course it will be many more years before I see if this plan pays off but I am confident that it will.

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